Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am aware that Halloween was LAST weekend. But hey, I figure when you have four (!) kids like me & one is ONLY six weeks old you get a little leeway when documenting events. That is what I'm banking on. Yes? Yes. Just nod & smile. Thanks. :)

Halloween was crazy busy. We began the day with Zoe's soccer game, rushed home & Robin, Zoe & Luke dashed off to the ASU football game and then flew home so that we could head over to Uncle Sean & Aunt Heidi's casa for delectable (albeit MAJORLY unhealthy) vittles. I went, I sat, I nursed. Good times had by all.

And now without further adieu, the all their costumed glory.... ASU cheerleader. Just in case you were wondering if we are fans. Yeah, we are fans. Huge fans. It is kinda sick. The kids all know the fight song and can make the "pitchfork" with their fingers practically from birth. We are teaching Andrew as we speak.

Luke...Sheriff Woody...(but only cuz I couldn't find a Sparky costume...he wants to be that next year.) HOWEVER Sheriff Woody suited him just fine. "There's a snake in my boot!"

And last but certainly not least Miss Zoe who was Snow White. She was going to be a witch, but changed her mind at the very last minute. Pink nose & cheeks courtesy of soccer + ASU football. :)

Here they are...all togetha (minus little Drew who was asleep and as mama done told me..."NEVER wake a sleeping baby. Never." So I didn't.) This pic is SO them. Goofy Luke, silly snuggle bug Brynn & shy Zoe. My rugrats. Happy (belated) Halloween!


Kassi Jane said...

so so cute!

John Taylor Family said...

Oh very cute!

Hey just as a side note..John and I have been taking photo classes and the other day we were taking pics of Ash and her friend in the park I kept wanting to get pics of them from the waist down...they thought I was crazy! They are some of the cutest pics ever!

Marilyn said...

Ok. I gotta have that photo of Brynn to send to Daniel!

Lisa said...

Cute! I can't believe how fast they are growing!

Amy said...

Your kids are so stinkin adorable and you're a freakin genius. I hope Halloween was super fun. So Zoe was Snow White twice?? he he he. You can tell her I was Princess Leia twice and a Lord of the Rings Elf, uh, I think four times.