Thursday, January 10, 2008

Super Shopper

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am the queen of coupons, clearance & close-outs. In other words I LOVE a good deal. So imagine my delight today when I popped over to Target (one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE stores) for some drawer dividers & discovered that they had just marked down the overstock of toys from Christmas to 75% off! Wooohooo!
I scurried through the aisles, (as I had very little time before I needed to pick up L from preschool), elbowed my way through the crowds & stuffed 2 carts full of all kinds of toys. I think I got pretty much everything I will need for birthday parties this year as well as a few little goodies for my own kiddos. Eighteen items, all for under $100!!

Whew, it was fun! Those little red stickers make me simply giddy! I may just head back over there tomorrow for a more leisurely exploration of the playtime possibilities. ;)