Sunday, April 20, 2008

Looks who's walkin'....FINALLY!

Little B has technically been able to to walk for quite some time now. She stands and has been taking steps for months, but it wasn't until last Sunday that she FINALLY decided to really give it a go. My bet is that the LONG pink dress I put her in finally pushed her over the was just too difficult to crawl in. This has been sooooooooo different from my other two. Once they figured out how to walk, they pretty much never looked back (especially Miss Z who walked at 10 months!) So B, welcome to the world of will be nice to see some clean knees again. :D

(ok photog friends, forgive the SUPER high grain...this room had SERIOUSLY low light!!)

Don't you just LOVE how they hold up their little arms for balance???

AND since chubby thighs are only acceptable in babyhood & because those toes are so irresistibly is my favorite shot of the day....