Friday, February 22, 2008

Arizona Adventures...Part II

Okay, okay...I'm FINALLY posting about our fabulous trip to Payson! Yep, in this neck o' the woods we actually have to travel to get to see snow. Rob took President's Day off work & since Z was out of school we jumped at the opportunity to head up to the snow. We went about an hour outside Payson & WOWZERS did we find it! Snow thigh deep! It was the pefect consistency for is probably my favorite pic of the day...the kids are planning an attack on Daddy. (notice the snowball whizzing overhead...he was already attacking them!) We spent all afternoon having snowball fights, sledding, digging & just plain tromping around in the snow. (Who can resist eating a little too?)
It was soooo much fun, but I'm SO very glad I don't have to bundle my kids up like this every time we leave the house! You snowbound folk have my SINCERE admiration!

Little B was NOT a happy camper at first...(here's big sister trying to cheer her up). After about an hour or so she finally "warmed up" to the snow. :)

There's that silly smile!
Tasting the snow....mmmmmmmmmm!

And here is Mr. L...who gave us the scare of the day...never would guess it from that sweet little face, but L thought it might be fun to sled right off a cliff (practically). He was pushing his sled with his feet (while lying on his stomach). Rob & I are watching..."Ok L that is far enough." He keeps going. "Stop L." He keeps going. "L STOP!" He keeps going. "STOP!!!!" Rob runs & dives through the air, grabbing L by the foot just in time. (And all this on a sprained ankle! Wow! You go babe!) And so L is still with us...although lets just say he got the hint that he should NOT ignore Mom & Dad again.

And....through the magic of self timers...behold THE WHOLE FAMILY! (see I really am there!)

And to sum up the day....sheer, joyful exhaustion...or is that just "Seriously Mom, PUT THE CAMERA AWAY!!!"