Saturday, May 2, 2009

The 3 B's

Geez...I guess it has been awhile. QUITE awhile. Just hanging in...trying to keep my lunch down, trying to stay know pregnancy. You may wonder at the title of my post. Well...they are growing. The 3 B's that is. Belly, boobs and ahem, butt (although we ARE NOT allowed to say that word in our house!!). I swear it looks like I'm growing a baby in my behind. What is the deal? And these bosoms! Come ON! So at least the belly is starting to catch up & I'm beginning to look like a pregnant girl rather than a slightly chubba-lubba one. Although I still feel like a chubba-lubba. I definitely started gaining weight all the way around & showing SO QUICK with this one. Sheesh!

So the BIG news is that Tuesday we discovered our little rugrat is a boy. A BOY!!! Praise be to the heavens. I cannot believe it! When I was pregnant with Z with were hoping for a boy cuz well, you know, I guess for some reason having a boy first was "the thing". But along she came and it was great. So then we thought how fun it would be for her to have a sister close in dice...along came little L. So third time around again we think, yup a brother for little L would be just divine...oh no...along comes little B. So all is wonderful, lovely & we decided that come girl or boy this baby would round out our little family. And I hope and pray and wish and dream for 2 and 2...a brother for little L and nice even lovely number. And it happens!! I practically cheered in the ultrasound room. We are thrilled beyond measure not only for the fact that we are welcome a little boy, but more so for the fact that he looks healthy and well and is growing just perfectly.

Nope, no names yet...we tend to wait until the last minute or even a week after birth to name our children. We like to see them, make sure the name "fits"... it's our thing.

AND by the way, taking a self portrait of your pregnant belly...seriously NOT easy....or comfortable...or all that fun. But I'll try to keep a record as this will be the last time I'll look this way... which fills me with a mixture of emotions. Most of which resemble extreme joy. :)