Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to School...Preschool that is...

Today was L's first day back to preschool. It's been awhile...he started back in September, BUT, well...lets just say that he wasn't QUITE ready. Ummm, something about teacher's in tears, inability to sit still, overzealous friendliness....now don't get me wrong, he is NOT NAUGHTY, just busy, busy, busy...I guess just a normal 3 (then 2) year old little boy. (Lucky for us he was attending his Aunt H's preschool & so we got special attention....I NEVER would have sent him that young if he hadn't been going with family.)
Huh, I guess there IS a reason preschools don't accept kids under 3. ;)
But just look at that face...how could HE give anyone a moment's trouble?!? hahahaha.....we know the truth!
Just seconds after I took the above picture, I said..."hey buddy, turn around so I can see your backpack...." This is what I got:
....NICE.....now THAT is the true spirit of my little man....endlessly silly, amazingly outgoing, such a smarty and quite the chatterbox.
BTW, he had a GREAT day. Looks like 4 months really does make a world of difference when you're 3. :)