Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We firstborns get a raw deal. We are the EXPERIMENTAL children who our parents "figure things out" on. We pave the way through the STRICT years....and then watch as our parents loosen up for our younger siblings (your welcome guys!). We must be RESPONSIBLE & HELPFUL long before the baby ever has to be. We are DESIGNATED BABYSITTERS....often free of charge. We are overachievers, perfectionists, picky, detail oriented & organized....sometimes to a fault.
HOWEVER, we also NEVER get hand-me-downs, are the first to be spoiled, the first at EVERYTHING, our baby books are complete, we have the most pictures of our childhood, we are reliable, conscientious, natural leaders & high achievers...who like things done right the first time (& done OUR way) . ;)
Hang in there baby girl--mama will always understand your pain. :)