Saturday, January 5, 2008

When it comes to kids...EXPECT the UNexpected!

So I heard in a talk in church about 6 months ago that part of the way this certain family maintains unity is by taking monthly day trips to explore Arizona. Wow, I thought! How cool is that! AND since Arizona is an amazingly beautiful and interesting place...there are unending opportunities for exciting exploration. I rallied the troops...mainly my hubby...& we really got excited about this idea.
Today we thought we would begin. Since we were taking a day trip to visit family for a holiday party anyway, why not add a little cultural experience to our excursion?!? Just a quick stop of course, but worthwhile none the less!
And so the 7 of us (my sister & her husband joined in on the fun) set about exploring out first location...

Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park in Globe (say that 10x fast...sheesh!).

Well, the fun started when before we even entered the park when little Miss B decided to overflow her diaper & I mean REALLY overflow. Not to be put down, we just clean her up, scooped herinto daddy's jacket & set off.
Truly we did have a blast exploring the ancient Indian ruins, checking out the little museum and learning a little about the way the Indians had lived. We were pleasantly enjoying our outing, preparing to head out, when little man L starts the potty dance. Now he had JUST gone no more than 45 minutes previous so I thought he was exaggerating...ummmmm m no. That wasn't just a pee pee dance, that was the BIG poo poo dance! By the time I got to him it was, well, a bit too late, ok A LOT too late. Yep you guessed it folks, two pooped pants that day, all for the bargain price of admission to Besh Ba Gowah Park.

I hope this isn't an omen for our future Arizona adventures. We will persevere!
Gotta love the L man's post clean up dance. :)

C&J: I hope we didn't scare you away from having kids!