Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Known Fact

These are MY tools. My husband may have been the one to purchase them, but they are MINE. (hmmm...starting to sound a little possessive aren't I? ....of course, honey, you are ALWAYS welcome to use them. ;) ) Actually, the Titanium trimmers were purchased specifically for me & at my request.
You see, I LOVE trimming our plants. Not sure what it is, but I get extreme satisfaction from hacking away a tree or shrub. I am no expert by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I take pride in my little contribution to our yard maintenance. It may take me a week (or month) to get all the plants trimmed up & sometimes they may look a little....uh, whats a good word....ummmmm....interesting when I'm done, but hey there is nothing more gratifying than choppin' off a big ol' tree limb. Plus, power tools are fun. :)
Next I want a blower cuz...
I may love to trim, but I HATE to clean up.