Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To Market, To Market

Once a week, my kids & I head off for our weekly rendezvous to the local farmer's market, known to our family as simply "The Market" or affectionately as the "fruits & begetables store." I love it there. I love that I can get tons of fruits & veggies for my brood without breaking the bank and that we can try a wide variety of healthy options. It can also be fun naming the colors of things & discovering unknown treasures. That is the ideal of course. This can happen with one, maybe 2 kids in tow, but when you are talking about THREE....well then it basically turns into get in, get it done & GET OUT! Bribery is usually involved especially for Mr. L as he seems to have a hard time staying in the cart, not pulling down every neatly stacked pile of fruit he sees and keeping the noise to a reasonable decibel level.
What bliss for me today as I only had ONE child with me. Turns out Miss B has learned her brother's tricks & spent the entire time trying to climb the vegetable stands & doing amazing feats of aerobatics in order to wiggle her way out of the cart. It never fails, as I am scrambling down the aisles with one hand trying to keep the baby stationary & the other pushing the cart, that we see another young family perusing the produce. This one had a child, no older than Miss B, sitting sedately in his cart with an arm protectively clutching a cauliflower.
There was no climbing, no fussing, no screaming (happy, sad or otherwise!), no sampling, no throwing and certainly no destruction of displays! I eyed this calm mother, smiled & wondered how she did it....not one of my kids was EVER that calm when faced with such exciting opportunities for mischief.

My kids must just REALLY love produce. ;)