Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Order out of Chaos

So I got an email the other day from my sister telling me about how excited she was about cleaning out & organizing her kitchen cabinets & how she couldn't wait to tackle her office. I replied about how that was "my kind of fun" (direct quote) & how excited I was about having cleaned out my laundry room that day. Then I told her that we were a couple of nerds. Yup, nerds. We are dorky, organizational nerds.

Ok, I admit it!
I LOVE to organize. A clean, organized space for me is a thin slice of heaven. It puts my mind in such a peaceful place. In my dream home EVERYTHING would have a place & everything would be IN its place. Now I definitely DO NOT live in that world, nor will I probably EVER live there with lots o' little kids and a husband who is....ahem....organizationally challenged. (love you sweetie!)

So for my latest project I undertook the task of cleaning out my "junk" drawer. It had gotten REALLY out of hand. I loved this project because it was quick, easy & the results were awesome! Yes, for me, this really was fun....not work. I even used a gift card to buy the drawer dividers & I was EXCITED to use my gift card for that.

I may be a nerd, but I'm a happy one. (at least every time I look in my junk drawer) Hmmmmm....I think that drawer needs a new name....odds & ends drawer, handy tools drawer, tidiest space in the house drawer..... ;)