Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Beginning...

Ahhh, new beginnings.....full of possibility, ripe with opportunity....unfettered....unknown. Does that sound eloquent? I'm really not, but feel like on this, my first post, I should be at least a little profound. :)

Here, at the beginning of this new year, I begin the journey of a blogger. To tell about pieces of me, my simple, ordinary, day to day experiences that I feel like I must record or allow to be lost forever.

"I can't forget this"...I often say to myself as I watch my children grow & change and watch myself grow & change along with them. But I know I am forgetting things & will continue to forget things if I don't record them. And so I begin this online journal. I am eager & optimistic, but trying to be realistic too as most of my days are quite hectic & most of my nights are interrupted (3 kids, ages 5 & under will do that to you!).

My fingers are itching to fill up this clean slate with stories, thoughts, opinions & dreams. Stay tuned...who knows what may come. ;)

AND in conclusion I must give homage to the popular ritual of fresh beginnings & resolutions to "get organized"....(which is ALWAYS one of my goals)....with an image of my new planner (thanks Mom). I absolutely LOVE it! It is so fun & soooo how my brain works. It is pretty & clean & ready to be filled up with the dizzying thoughts in my head. I am off to make lists & plans. Ahh, organization does my heart good.