Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter EGG-stravaganza

I love Easter. I love its meaning, I love that spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming & the world is reborn. New dresses, egg hunts & lots of family time, what more can you ask for.

One thing I really enjoy each Easter is coloring eggs with the kids. I love the great colors, I love watching my kids faces light up as they watch an ordinary white egg turn to pink, purple, blue and every color in between. Plus it is a great opportunity for picture time.

This year we hung out at grandma's house with the cousins & had a great time coloring eggs & ourselves in the process.
Group shot of my kiddos...don't you love how they all look my way???

Sweet cousin E's first Easter...

My bunny, little B...ain't she cute?!?!

Little cousin A always runs away when I point the camera his way, caught this one though. He & B look so much alike, they could be siblings...

Now we get down to business...

I LOVE this face!!!

Now, why does it seem like I always get a shot like this??? Hmmm, wonder if my kids ever get sick of being photographed?

Little A managed to color his toes too, and his face and his shirt, etc, etc, etc....hahaha, good times had by all.

Happy Easter!!