Friday, January 4, 2008

Dirty Dishes

The dishes...bane of my existance...the neverending chore. Why oh why does it feel like I am endlessly standing at the kitchen sink??
I suppose that part of the reason is that my children, who are still a bit young to REALLY help out in this particular area, create LOTS of dirty dishes. And my darling husband, who helps out in SO MANY other ways, DOES NOT do dishes. It is by far his least favorite chore, and perhaps becoming mine as wait, scrubbing the hard water stains off the shower is FARRRRR worse (but fortunately that doesn't have to be done every day)!
Seriously, there must be imprints of my feet in the floor in front of that well-worn kitchen sink.
Oh well, since I have a thing for shiny, EMPTY sinks and clear countertops...I will continue my love affair with the dishwasher....
At least I have a REALLY cute assistant.
(no worries concerned parents, it is a BUTTER knife...I'm not THAT bad of a mom! ;))
And yes, tonight, the dishes are done! :)