Friday, January 2, 2009


Today is Grandma Roberts' birthday. We wanted to do something that would help us remember her. So we packed up the kiddies, brought our cleaning supplies & headed down to the cemetery to spruce up Grandma & Grandpa's headstone & add a fresh bouquet of silk flowers. We brought along a picture of Grandma & Grandpa & the whole drive over little B sang, Grandma Rooooooberrts...Grandmaaaa Roooooobeerrrts while clutching that picture. unfair that she doesn't have her fabulous Grandparents in this life....

Everybody was in on the action...and we kept them pretty well contained....generally speaking. We even got a chance to go & visit my Grandma Larsen's gravesite as well. So many people we love & miss so much!! Makes you value each moment.

Ahem, Zoe dressed herself & did her own hair for this event. Gotta love 6 year old fashion

After completing our clean-up we gathered around & sang "Happy Birthday" to Grandma. We miss you so much Grandma R....happy, happy birthday!!

AND for a little comic relief...if you look VERY closely you will see a boy who simply COULD NOT hold it any longer. He will kill me for this someday....most assuredly. But when Rob & I looked over, I just couldn't resist. ;) Boys have it SO easy.

P.S. Happy Birthday also to Aunt Jessica! We love you too! Smooch!