Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Tale of Two Eyebrows

Do you ever have something happen that makes you laugh out loud, simply by thinking about it? I mean seriously laugh so much it hurts, even hours & hours after it happened? Well.....something like that happened at our house today & I'm still giggling about it.
So we all dragged out of bed this fine Sunday morning to get ready for church...ok I guess I dragged out of bed, everyone else seemed to be up & at em' just fine. The fun started when I headed into the bathroom to wash my hands. I glanced over at Rob who was getting ready. He was using his hair clippers to trim his eyebrows. Now, although I have not actually seen him do this before, I knew that he did do it to "tame" the brows...thus avoiding the bushy brow look some men find so attractive. ;)
Anyways, I smirked & was thinking to myself..."better make sure you don't shave your eyebrows off" & was just about to open my mouth to say it when he looks at me & says..."Uh, I'm not sure what just happened."
Yup, you got it...he basically DID shave off one of his eyebrows. (K....I'm laughing out loud AGAIN just remembering it!) :D :D :D
So I am CRACKING UP....He looks absolutely hysterical sporting one normal eyebrow & one EXTREMELY short...almost nonexistent eyebrow. I can't even look at him, I'm laughing so hard. Funny thing is...he had the #6 guard on the clippers, same as usual, but for some reason it didn't work quite as expected this morning. He says it must have been because I needed a good laugh today. Boy did I get one!
Well, we had church in 30 minutes...what to do...what to do....AHA! The beauty of the eyebrow pencil.....just a little careful application & viola! You couldn't even tell. No one in church even noticed.

Thanks for the laughs babe & for being such a good sport (I'm sure I would NOT have been.)