Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trip to the Beauty Salon

There are not many 5-year-old girls who get to get their hair cut in a fancy salon (at least those who are living on our budget!), but my little Z just happens to be one of the lucky few. Our stylist, the divine Miss J, also happens to be one of the best friends I have ever...or will ever...have & she is sweet enough to give us a really GREAT deal. (We've been friends for over 20 YEARS!!! Now THAT makes me feel old.)

Today it was time for a trim & so Z & I headed out, just the 2 of us, for a little girl time. Z was a bit nervous, but really enjoyed being pampered. It was her first time having her hair washed in "the big bowl" & she obviously really enjoyed it! :) We all know that is THE BEST part of a haircut!!

As we were walking into the salon our conversation went a bit like this:
Z: "Mom, are you getting your hair cut today?"
Me: "No, mine takes a long time because I get color put in it."
Z: "What color do you get?"
Me: "Just brown."
Z: "I want to get color too!"
Me: "Weeelllll, maybe when you're all grown up."
Z: "Awww, okay."
Me: "What color do you want?"
Z: "PINK!"
Z is also blessed with amazing, naturally curly when she gets a cut she has layers put in so that it will curl up easily....making life easier for Mom. Even though sometimes she wishes for "smooth" hair, I think that she is oh so lucky & absolutely STUNNING with her beautiful curly locks.

All done...what a GORGEOUS girl!

(even without the pink...LOL!)