Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bubba D & the Divine Miss J

Sound like two absolute opposites don't they. These two lovely people, however, are firmly ingrained in the fabric of my life. And it just so happens that today is their birthday. 18 years ago the Divine Miss J & I (yeah we've been friends that long & then some) were sooo excited to find out that little Bubba D would be arriving on Miss J's birthday! What a gift! I always considered Bubba D "my baby"....I was 13 after all, perfect age to love on a baby & he was such a good one! I remember packing him around all over the place. How can that possibly have been 18 years ago? (sigh)...I am getting is is a big senior & all growed up. Love ya Bubba & Happy Birthday.

And of course he can NEVER stay serious for more than 2 seconds.....please stop the pictures!!!

(Miss J I LOVE you too, but I know you'd NEVER forgive me if I posted the pics I have of you! I resisted scanning some really cute ones from 6th grade. HELLO BANGS! ;) I REALLY need a current one of you in all your gorgeousness. Happy Day my friend!)