Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Me, You & a Whole Lotta Poo

"Ahh, the joys of motherhood. At times I find it absolutely unbelievable that I have been changing diapers for nearly 6 years straight. Since we are on "the 2 year plan" we have always had a new baby before the older child gets fully potty trained. (happily at the present time I am only changing ONE behind). Most days I don't even notice it, most days it is just part of the much a habit that it becomes almost like breathing...ok maybe not THAT routine.

But today has been one of those messy, crazy diapers days that remind me of how many 100s of diapers I have changed over the years. Poor little B has had a bit of the stomach flu since yesterday. Luckily she seems to be on the mend today...but not without a few, ahem, minor mishaps. We went through the first outfit by about 9 am...bye bye cute pink pants, hello jeans & off to L's allergist appointment. Since she IS getting better, we had no more problems until I went to grab her from her crib after nap time. We needed to be at the bus stop pretty much at that moment to pick up Z, but HELLO, we weren't going anywhere. Thankfully Aunt H who lives only minutes away was able to pick up Z before the bus driver got too nervous....(they don't let the little Pre-K kids off the bus until a family member is there to pick them up.)

So being the good little mommy I am, I allowed little B to roam around in her birthday suit for awhile. (There is nothing better than air for those poor little red bottoms don't ya know). Yipes, that lasted all of 15 minutes...and then she was into the tub & I was pulling out the steam cleaner. Oh, B I'm sooooo glad you are feeling better. For both our sakes.