Saturday, February 2, 2008

Having Her Cake...And Eating it Too

We made it through B's first birthday party. Whew! It was really fun actually, a beautiful sunny day & good times had by all. Since I am plain worn out from the festivities, I'll just share a few pics tonight & more details later on.
Traditionally we have given the baby a whole cake to do with as they wish on their first birthday, but daddy could not bear to have the large heart cake I made totally destroyed (read:more for him later), so we gave B a nice BIG slice & let her go to town (it is supposed to be the first cake they have ever tasted, but as little B is baby #3...well, lets just say it is certainly not her first treat).
This is my FAVORITE pic of the cake eating extravaganza...yes even with part of her face cropped off (probably cuz I love artsy stuff like that). I LOVE those little dimpled hands diggin in...DELICIOUS! (both the cake & those pudgy fingers!) :)

And who can resist this face? She didn't look at me ONE SINGLE time while eating her she makes me work for it!
Love you little B!