Wednesday, November 25, 2009

drew...month #2

Despite violent errr...I guess we'll call it overzealous loving from his 2-year-old sister...drew has made it to his second month. He is a sweet babe. Not too hard, not too easy, pretty much somewhere in between. These are some of things we have noticed about Drew at 2.
2 months that is. I just like to rhyme. :D

-He LOVES music. Especially being sung to. Even by me which is pretty scary folks. He first smiled at us while I was singing the Primary "Hello Song" of all things.
-He is sleeping better. Not awesome, but better. Waking about 2x a night with long luxurious naps during the day. Wish I was getting those too.
-He has big blue blue blue eyes.
-He is smiling. Mostly for mama, but slowly and surely for everyone else.
-He LOVES his baths (when he gets them...he IS the 4th child after all). It didn't start out that way, but he LOVES baths now. It is so cute to see him splash around in the water.
-He is adored by all of his siblings, even the 2-year-old who sometimes likes to see how high she can push him in the swing before he falls out. (He HAS NOT fallen out by the way...I'm just sayin...)
-He recognizes faces...mostly mine. I love to see him light up when he sees me. It is probably the only time in life when you can be THE WORLD to someone. Sigh...
-He is a CHUNKY monkey. :) We love that.

Hmmm...there is probably more. If I think of it I will come back & add it in, but I'm tired, dinner needs to be cooked & 6 mouths fed. Woah...that's a lot of mouths.


Joyce A said...

Oh, babies, what a wonderful thing!

Larissa said...

OHHHHH, almost makes me want to have another one!!!....almost!